Comparison of MEMS System Switch With Low-Insertion Loss and LessPower Consumption

  • Ankur Garg , Paras Chawla , Ashima Shahi


The comparison of low-loss capacitive RF microelectromechanical system (MEMS) switchwith
different beam structuresis presented at different frequencies up to 12GHz. Here for realizing the
capacitive RF switches with less-power consumption, low current, and smaller actuation voltage, the
value of spring constant is considered to be low with different beam structures. The losses dependon
the CPW transmission line, inductance, and series resistance. Hence, for the reduction of insertion
loss in upstate the equivalent resistor-capacitor–inductor circuit model had been proposed. Further,
the correct choice of equivalent CL-series resonant frequency had been achieved to increase the
isolation in the downstate. The design and multi-physics analysis are performed using the
CoventoreWare 2010. The electromagnetic/RFcharcetristics of designed switch with different beam
are also verified using the HFSS. The typical pull-in voltages of all designed switches were lying
between 1.0 to 10V, respectively. The designed switchexhibit the insertion loss varying from 0.028 to
0.037dB at 4GHz, and 0.059 to 0.094dB at 8GHz with the isolationloss variation from 18 to 26 dB at
12 GHz. The return losses calculated in the upstate are lying between 19 to 47dB across 1 to 12GHz.

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