Smart Coal Payload Delivery System using Pic Microcontroller

  • Paras Chawla , Nidhi Sindhwani , Rohit Anand


Pilferage of coal from stockyards and during transportation is a very common phenomenon. In this
paper, we intend to automate the coal payload delivery system on the basisof moisture and weight
measured, in order to cease these pilferages. For this purpose, we are using multiple moisture
sensors and averaging their outcome and adding them to an initially calculated value of moisture
in coal. Also, in order to create a summary of moisture and weight measured, we are maintaining a
database. Since, the issue of security is very paramount in any organization, so we are using RFID
based access techniques for entering/exiting the coal field whose record is also being maintained in
the database and using a buzzer and sending a message to alarm the authorities in situations of
records being mismatched. Moreover, measuring the initial moisture and taking average moisture
readings and then adding them together have given us better results, on the basis of which database
created is helpful in tallying among different records for any discrepancy. Furthermore, the paper
will present and discuss about various existing methods that can easily be integrated with our
proposed method

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