Analysis of Remote Healthcare Monitoring System (MedG)

  • Amar Singh, Dr. Adesh Kr. Pandey, Vinay Singh, Sanjiv Sharma


The personal health monitoring of every individual is considereddue to increase in health problems in today's world. Because of the rise in urbanization and industrialization, the personal health and well-being of the people are in danger. With the ever-increasing queues at the hospital, and an ever-increasing number of patients, the doctor fees have sky-rocketed which has effects on especially those patients who cannot afford the fee or who reside in rural areas and don’t have quick access to hospitals.

This project aims to propose a system to develop an application that provides a smart platform with a complete healthcare solution. This project implements and it divides an application into three logical components: “Model” involves the various business logic;“View” involves the presentation of data and “Controller” involves the request handler and servlets which control the flow of data.Health has now become a problem that is growing in proportions due to decrease in physical activities, lack of healthy food habit, growing urbanization leading to no space for physical activities, excessive professional burden due to competitive work culture, etc.

keywords— Remote Health Monitoring, Medical Generation (MedG), JAM (JanDhan-Aadhaar Mobile), TC_ID.

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