Real time Multi Biometric Authentication System for Smart Attendance

  • Ravi Teja Kapu, Dr. Brahmananda S.H


Nowadays, computer vision is the trending field, which includes major real time applications including attendance monitoring using face detection, object detection, traffic maintenance, safety surveillance, medical imaging, etc. Attendance updated on every day is a time and manpower effort consuming process for all universities, colleges, schools, to overcome this problem, we need an efficient system to make it automatically without any manpower consumption and time consumption. Considering this, we proposed machine learning based face recognition, attendance monitoring and message alert system to parents. In proposed work, CNN and Haar Cascade Classifier are used for face recognition. In our proposed work, admin can train all the available students and maintain their database, when the students are available in classroom, webcam will capture image update attendance for all available students. Similarly, the student’s presence can be intimated to their parents.

Keywords: CNN, Haar Cascade classifier, Face detection, Face recognition, Machine Learning.

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