Securing Medical Data Using Blockchain and Cloud

  • Safna F, Meera C Aji, Vrinda Mohan, Sofia S.L


An electronic version of a patient’s medical data is known as Electronic Health Records. EHR’s are stored independently in each hospital, so the e-medical records are accessible only to the doctors within that hospital and there is no link between different hospitals, so the patient’s details cannot be shared. This leads to wastage of already existing medical resources and increases patients’ financial burdens. To make data accessible from anywhere, cloud storage services are utilized in this proposed system and e-medical reports are stored in an encrypted format in the cloud to prevent security threats from any third party. As medical data is considered sensitive information, it attracts the attention of cyber-attackers. Wrong medication or treatment is caused as a result of the manipulation of medical data. The health care system provides very few security measures to secure medical data. The proposed systems also come up with a solution that makes use of Blockchain technology in health care so that any attack towards medical data can be tracked.

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