Gender Differences on Social Capital Among Residents of Fisherman Village

  • Aziz Amin, Asmawi Ibrahim and Zainul Zolkifeli


As to develop the nation, communities will be one of a significant part A lot of past
studies focus on community development. It shows that communities are very important
assets to the country and residents of fisherman village are also part of it. Social capital
is something like to identify the connections of regular daily existence between neighbors,
partners and companions who have an incentive for people to get close in society so that
can get improve the quality of that community. Although social capital and community
seems to be related, studies on social capital capabilities are still poorly implemented in
this country. To ensure that social capital can be used optimally in community
development, various aspects need to be explored. So, this study was conducted to
investigate about gender differences on social capital among residents of fisherman
village. This study was applied a cross sectional survey using quantitative methods. A
total of 299 samples of studies were selected from residents in fisherman village in Besut,
Terengganu. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).
Overall, the result shows there was a significant difference in social capital among
genders between males and females. This aspect of social capital is particularly important
in community living as individuals in society need each other. Living in the village or in
the city, this element of social capital should not be neglected as it the strength of society.

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