Trends in Processor Architecture of Mobile Phones: A Survey

  • Advaitha B,Mopuru Lahari,Gopalakrishnan T


Mobile’s has become a part and parcel of our lives. The brain of a mobile is its processor. The semiconductor device, CPU chip is placed inside chip package which reduces the heating effect. It is designed to operate at lower voltage compared to desktop and with an increased “sleep mode” capability. We can control the power levels of the mobile processor and can even turn of sections of chips when they are not in use. The so-called clock frequency is bought down in mobiles to increase the battery life. The year 2016 to 2020 focused more on improving the existing features than introducing new features. Mobiles had transformed from a device that was just used to communicate to a source of knowledge. This transformation is possible only with the help of improvement of processors. The aim of this paper is to study about the changes brought in the past 5 years in processors.

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