MOSCS: Measurement of Source Code Similarity

  • Mayank Agrawal, Dilip Kumar Sharma


Detecting plagiarism is a problem of concern at various levels and had become a severe issue for intellectuals. Finding copying in codes that may be in similar languages or transformed from some additional languages increases the problem complexity. And such a problem can be faced in various sectors like software designing, academic works, etc. For detecting similarity between source codes, in this paper, we present the MOSCS (Measurement of Source Code Similarity) tool. By using MOSCS, we can compare two source codes at the procedure's level. With the help of MOSCS tool, source code reviewers can found the likeness between source code and according to the likeness; source code reviewers can simply give the grading to the students in an assignment of the coding subject then we can say it as an Intelligent system, as our source code reviewers can quickly identify copied code manually checking.

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