Agri Product Production Enhancement Using ICYP

  • Dr.L.Rahunathan, Mr.M.Venkateshwaran, Mr.S.Praveenkumar


Agribusiness assumes An huge part in the economy about india. This makes crop yield prediction a paramount errand will help support India's development. Yields are touchy with Different climate phenomena for example, such that temperature and precipitation. Therefore, it turns into significant to incorporate these Characteristics At foreseeing those yield of a crop. Climate determining may be a muddled transform. There are three systems would utilized within those excising fro foresee the yield. They need aid forecast- ARMA (Auto backward moving Average), SARIMA (Seasonal auto backward incorporated moving Average) and ARMAX (ARMA with exogenous variables). The model are fizzled should anticipate the yield prediction for the state about precipitation what’s more temperature. Here client recommended a novel technique called ICYP (Indian crop yield Prediction). It’s made those climate information Furthermore temperature concerning illustration enter Furthermore calculates the yield of the area. Its combines those best systems for K-Nearest neighbor (KNN) Also credulous bayes (NB). Both need aid taken those information Furthermore examinations concerning illustration greatest yield prediction.

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Dr.L.Rahunathan, Mr.M.Venkateshwaran, Mr.S.Praveenkumar. (2020). Agri Product Production Enhancement Using ICYP. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 5939 - 5946. Retrieved from