Assam Tourism Policies: It’s Implementation and Impact

  • Abhilasha Mazumdar, Dr. Parbin Sultana


Tourism is an economic and industrial activity in which many individuals, firms, corporations, organizations and associations are involved. Assam has all the Potentialities to be developed as a state for tourism. It is blessed with its Rich wildlife, Biodiversity, natural beauty and warm climate. Tourism has contributed to the growth of the state and engaged many local people by providing employment in this sector and also made them self sustained. But it suffers from various challenges like Insurgency, lack of communication facilities, Transportation etc. There is also need of support from the Government. Therefore, Tourism Policies were required in order to provide more growth and development in this sector. The Study basically aims at studying the measures and initiatives taken by Assam Tourism Development Corporation in the field of Eco Tourism. This Paper attempts to study the Assam Tourism Policies, strategies adopted by the Department, Schemes implemented, and its Comparison with other states like Meghalaya, West Bengal, Kerala; and Implementation & Impact of Tourism Policies on the selected destinations of Majuli, Nameri National Park and Haflong. The study is mainly focused on Eco Tourism segment of Assam.

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