Recent Trends in Security Threats in Multi-Homing Transport Layer Solutions

  • Khushi Popat, Dr. Viral Kapadia


In the today’s communication network, computing devices are equipped with multiple network interfaces, which is known as multi-homing, but traditional transport layer protocols such as TCP and UDP doesn’t support usage of multiple paths over single connection for data transmission. Due to the attractive features of multi-homing such as higher throughput, reliability, fault tolerance and load balancing, it is gaining more focus in networking. Many new multi-homing transport protocols such as SCTP, CMT-SCTP, MPTCP, QUIC, MPQUIC etc. has been introduced to improve performance and reliability. However, multipath transport protocols provides many benefits by supporting multi-homing, many new security threats has been introduced due to transmission of data using multiple paths. In this paper, different multipath transport layer protocols are analyzed thoroughly with security consideration.  

Keywords: TCP, UDP, MPTCP, SCTP, CMT-SCTP,QUIC, MPQUIC, Multi-homing, Security issues, deployment.

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