A study on safety systems for vehicles: strategies and Technologies

  • Shubham Kumar Roy, Dr. Hitendra Garg


Vehicle safety is an emerging issue in the technology sector which has benefited from the ongoing technological advancement by creating more complex and advanced security systems. It helps to tackle the vehicle theft pandemic that is prevalent in many countries due to lack of vehicle safety. As a result, attacks like signal disruption, replay attacks, deciphering attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks, all of these can cause devices to function below defined parameters. Current technology has gaps generating attack vectors from harmless devices like the infotainment system to more extreme systems such as the CAN bus network in its safety implementation. This paper therefore presents an analysis of the many works and approaches that exist in the literature to address this threat. We also conducted a thorough comparative analysis of the type of technology being implemented, the strengths and weaknesses of the systems being proposed. Based on the study, we identified that more systematic methods are needed to tackle the pre-existing vulnerabilities in protection in an effective way that minimizes the chances of leakage.

Keywords: Security System, Attacks, Vehicle, Theft.

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