Profile of Persons with Disability in Assam: An Analytical Review

  • Rima Devi, Mitali Haloi


‘Disability’ is itself an important figure by which restrictions and limitations are regularly faced by the disabled persons to perform their activities smoothly in any developmental sectors. In this regard, India alone contributes nearly 3.8 cores with associated gender variation. So far the state is concerned; Assam is lagging behind in this sector (1.80% in 2011) with slight variation in male-female distribution. The present paper has been prepared to point out these aspects in context of Assam along with their gender variation in socio-economic sectors. For the utmost level of development of a nation, there must be eradicated the concept of “Gender Disparity”. But unfortunately, there remains a persistence gap in between men and women. People refused the pro forma of women in every sections of life. In some areas, women are still treated as a burden. Therefore, it acts as aprominent figure to be analyze at present time. This study is an attempt to analyse the present scenario of disabled persons along with challenges that are faced by them and related gender parity prevails among them in respect of Assam. The present paper has been prepared on the basis of secondary data for analyzing the objectives and collecting the findings.

Keywords: Disability, Gender-Disparity, Education, Occupation.

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