The Growth of Regional Political Partiesin Assam: A Study

  • Ila Deka


The regional political parties are playing a very significant role in Indian political system particularly in the post congress era and in the age of coalition politics. So far the national level politics is concerned, the regional political parties play a “king making” role in Indian politics. Whereas in the politics at state level concerned, the regional political parties emerge as an alternative of national political parties or emerge as the leading political parties in those particular states. Assam is also not lagging behind in this context. Although the state has produced some smaller political parties before 1985, yet the formation of AsomGanaParishad in 1985 was a historical landmark development in the history of regional political parties of Assam which not only emerged as an alternative of the congress at state politics but also could be able to participate in national level politics. This paper makes an attempt to study the growth and development of regional political parties in the state of Assam

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