Novels of Ajneya: A Critical Review as an Open Novel

  • Dr. Beauti Das


The plot or the subject-matter of a novel is very prominent in the development of the sequences of its other essences such as the characters, dialogues, the graphical pictorization of the philosophy of the authors etc. No doubt, the simplest form of prose fiction is the history which records a successful events and the author is considered to be successful when he can artistically handle the fragmentations of the story that he applies in his creative work. The subject matter should be chosen in such a way that a curiosity in the readers’ mind can be created to know what is going to happen next and if that story bears a universal appeal then the work of that author is highly estimated in the domain of the world literature.On the basis of the various instruments used in the forms of techniques, style, characterization, creation of situations, handling of plotlines etc., in this piece of work we have made an attempt to study the novels of Ajneya as an open novel.

Keywords: Stream of Consciousness, Hopeless situation of a traditional novelist, Post-Impressionist novel, Post-Impressionist movement, Freedom of expression, ARecord of personal suffering.

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