Mindfulness and Well-Being in a Digital Society: A Conceptual Framework

  • Lai Ming Ming , Pang Mary


The principle of oneness of life and its environment signifies an inseparable relationship
between them. Life is contained within the minds and hearts of the people. The search for joy and
happiness is inherent within the human life. This paper presents the key attributes of
mindfulness, cultivation of mindfulness practises as well as the significance to be mindful to
oneself in a modern and yet busy society. A conceptual framework proposes the cultivation of
formal and informal mindful practices that can promote well-being. The framework further
suggests a future reform in the education system in view of the rise in mental health problems
and stress from the youth to the elderly by incorporating of mindfulness based programme in the
education system. This framework comprises transformation of the inner life that enable people
to age and live with a healthy lifestyles. One becomes empowered to solve problems and create
positive outcomes and happiness by tapping into our own potential and wisdom in life. One
needs to stop attributing happiness and unhappiness on others and external circumstances.
Mindfulness help people especially middle aged and older adults to manage a wide range of
physical conditions to promote general well-being

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