Enhancement of the Optical Properties for (PVA-PEG) Blend by Adding CuO and FeCl3

  • Shaymaa H. Idres, Fouad. Sh. Hashim


(PVA –PEG) polymer blend and its composites with constant CuO and different wt.% of FeCl3 films synthesized using solution cast technique. The adding level dependence of certain IR absorption peaks was correlated with the obtained physical parameters characterizing the other properties. From the optical microscope images, it demented good homogeneity and fine distribution of CuO and FeCl3 particles, as well as charge transfer complex formation inside the blend polymer films. Improve the absorbance of UV waves and maintaining good optical transmittance values (90-75%) after addition of CuO and FeCl3 particles into the polymeric system allows its for different applications as low-cost UV protection, solar radiation shield, manufacture of sunglasses to protect the human eye, and as packaging for storage drugs. Optical absorption edge and optical energy gap for indirect transition (allowed and forbidden) showed a decreasing trend with addition CuO and increased of FeCl3 particles concentrations. Moreover, all the other parameters under investigation were also influenced by the additives level.

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Shaymaa H. Idres, Fouad. Sh. Hashim. (2020). Enhancement of the Optical Properties for (PVA-PEG) Blend by Adding CuO and FeCl3 . International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 5255 - 5267. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/14035