Mockup as Internet of Things Application for Hydroponics Plant Monitoring System

  • Fitria Hidayanti, Fitri Rahmah, Ahmad Sahro


Indonesia is an agrarian country that is mostly populated as a farmer. Most of the land in Indonesia is mostly used for agricultural production processes. However, in the current era, agricultural land in Indonesia is increasingly narrow for agriculture, because it is being converted for industrial development. Based on the problem, there have been various methods of planting that only need a narrow land but still can produce the needs of the community, such as vegetables, fruits and other to meet the needs. One of the methods used today is farming with hydroponics systems. Hydroponics is very suitable to be applied to areas that are experiencing limited planting land. Hydroponics can be cultivated throughout the year without getting acquainted with the season. Therefore, the selling price of the harvest is not worried will fall. The maintenance of hydroponics plants is easier because the place is relatively clean, the media is sterile, the plant is protected from rain, the attacks of pests and diseases are relatively small, as well as healthier plants and higher productivity. However, the majority of farmers in Indonesia in hydroponic plants are still constrained by plant maintenance. Constraints on plant maintenance by hydroponic farmers namely, the measurement and conditioning of plant nutrients such as pH values should be inspected and controlled daily manually and other parameters such as pH, temperature, light intensity and liquid level that can affect the ideal condition of the plant. In addition, the power used in the conventional system in the supply of electrical, so it will be challenging to use in a location far from the electric terminal. Thus, Mockup as internet of things application as a system that can monitor various parameters remotely and keep the parameter of hydroponics fluid automatically can  also  work anywhere with energy alternative such as solar panels, so as to facilitate farmers in maintaining the soil.

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