‘Perfect Relaxation’: An Extension to Maslow’s Model

  • Dr. Vidhu Gaur


The root of all problems is in the mistaken idea of man that happiness is in the objects. But a little analysis will show that happiness is not in the object, but is only in the condition of one’s own Mind and Intellect. Thus, when the Mind-Intellect is quiet and tranquil we feel happy, and when they are agitated, we feel unhappy. Perfect Relaxation means throwing off and casting overboard all anxiety, fear, worry, hurry and trouble of mind by continually keeping before our mental vision the Godhead of our real Self, exempt from all worldly cares, worries and duties. This is a state of ‘non-doing’ or perfect rest. Even the modified eight-stage model of Maslow incorporated all ‘doing’ activities which can further be extended / terminated into the ‘non-doing’ state of Perfect Relaxation which alone can guarantee the success and happiness in life.

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