Learning Analytics: Transforming Higher Education and Learning Excellences

  • Monika Hooda, Chhavi Rana


Globally, Educational Institutions collect numerous amounts of data points every day from online assessments, LMS (Learning Management Systems), MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), YouTube content, educational games, PowerPoint slides, and social networks. LA (Learning Analytics) and EDM (Educational Data Mining) helps HEIs in better assessing and predicting learner’s performance, helps in monitoring and motivating them, discover undesirable learning behaviors and their emotional states, help educators and administrators to unlock this big educational data potential and take more straightforward and faster data-driven decisions.  This literature review has resulted in a plethora of concepts and research exploring how the combination of BDA (Big Data Analytics) and  LA  in the higher education field can help not only to inform instructors in the offline learning environment but also provide support in online learning systems that offer personalized learning experiences, assessment, and feedback for students. Further, applications and benefits of learning analytics are critically reviewed. Finally, this review briefly locates ethics and privacy concerns in Learning Analytics in general context for shaping the domain of higher education.

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