Load Frequency Control of Hybrid Power System with LQR based Controller

  • Ajay Kumar Maurya, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Piush Kumar


 In an integrated electrical system, there is a frequency deviation of each region due to some small unexpected load changes in an area as well as continuous power changes along the tie line. The most important thing for controlling the load frequency (LFC) is to maintain the actual frequency and output power preferred in the electrical system and to control the alteration in tie line power among the interconnected areas. Thus, the LFC system primarily includes a control system suitable for the power system, which can bring all fields and power frequencies in the tie line back to their desired point value after switching loads. In the present work, LFC integrated power systems with distributed power have been developed. Because of the renewable energy resources it can take to get enough energy. Hence, it is possible to include renewable energy sources because of the power efficiency but higher frequency variability in the hybrid system. Two zones taken in each region have wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) generation systems, fuel cells, battery storage systems and thermal power generation systems with aqua electrolyser. LFC requires fast and accurate controllers to maintain frequency at your preferred rate. This paper is related to the Artificial Intelligence Technique (Fuzzy PI and Neuro-Fuzzy Approach) and LQR based controller for LFC. The LQR was then performed on a hybrid Power system which proved to be the best controller. The performance of three controllers is compared to the custom parameter that maximum overshoot, settling time and maximum undershoot.

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