Face Recognition System Based on Haar Cascade Classifier

  • M.S. Minu, Kshitij Arun, Anmol Tiwari, Priyansh Rampuria


In today’s world, home security and privacy has become one of the most important aspect. With the technology advancing at an exponential rate, the times not much far ahead that each house will be equipped with advanced security systems to deal with everyday burglary and theft. But as one side of the tech advances so does its negative counterparts. DES encryption can be one example to get an idea on how quick can it be to decipher an encrypted piece of information. Not long after its release, DES encryption was termed as ‘insecure’ and with today’s modern application something like DES can be an open invitation to a breach. With numerous amount of advancements in the field, the system has, in many ways, been able to surpass the use of biometrics (finger prints). Face recognition, these days, is present in almost every smart device that has some piece of information stored which holds value to its users. With facial recognition gaining popularity, several tech giants have come with their own patent to make a statement in the market. This project proposes a slightly similar idea as to how the home security can be enhanced by using an algorithm for face detection and recognition (Haar Cascade Classifier).

Keywords: Face Recognition, Haar Cascade, KNN Algorithm, LBP.

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M.S. Minu, Kshitij Arun, Anmol Tiwari, Priyansh Rampuria. (2020). Face Recognition System Based on Haar Cascade Classifier. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 3799 - 3805. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/12294