Smart Parking Assistance System

  • Mr. Yathish D P, Mr. Shiva Prasad K H , Mr. Manikanta K B, Mr. T Senthilkumaran


India is a second largest populated country in world [8], where because of high population we are facing many traffic issues as well as parking issues of vehicles. As more and more population is increasing peoples using their personal vehicles are also increasing. Due to this increase in number of vehicles we are facing parking issues in turn if we are getting delay in parking it will increase in consumption of fuel as well as waiting time of the driver [8]. The problem of this parking system made us to park our vehicle in some unknown places which is leading in waste of travelling time from vehicle parked location to the actual location where we need to visit and  it leads to damage of vehicles if the parking place is not safe. In order to overcome all these problems and difficulties we are proposing a smart parking system where we are using ultrasonic sensors to detect whether the parking place is free or occupied. If parking spots are free we are indicating the count of actual spaces available with the help of LCD display so that user can use these free slots for parking their cars

Keywords: LCD display, Parking, Ultrasonic sensor, Vehicles.

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Mr. Yathish D P, Mr. Shiva Prasad K H , Mr. Manikanta K B, Mr. T Senthilkumaran. (2020). Smart Parking Assistance System. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 3645 - 3651. Retrieved from