Design and Implementation of Solar Powered Hydroponics Systems for Agriculture Plant Cultivation

  • D.Sarathkumar, Dr.K.Venkateswaran, Vijayalaxmi.A


This article presents a design and development of solar energy based hydroponics cultivation system. The main objective of the system is to grow a plant without a soil by using solar supply. It uses the 90% of water efficiently. The production rate of the proposed system increases by 3 to 10 times as compared to soil cultivation system. Hydroponics is the method of cultivating plants with absence of soil by utilizing in water solvents as a mineral nutrients solution normally an inorganic substrate with rock wool to be the most common worldwide. Agriculture in the developing countries faces lot of serious challenges in nowadays that include: competition for water sources, lagging of energy resources, increases the costs of labours, tremendous growth of world population, competition for international markets, climate changes, environmental pollution and uncertainties in the effectiveness of the current international policies and regulations as regards adaptation strategies. Controlling of environments becomes an important tool in agriculture cultivation and study chains. Hydroponics is an assuring technology and becomes very attractive in the area of agriculture, especially in urban and city side farming. Hydroponic cultivation systems have found a suitable solution for fast development and widespread use in current years. In hydroponics cultivation method, the monitoring and recording of various parameters helps cultivators to develop optimal solutions for the growth of plants. In this proposed system, we are designed a less-cost, high-reliability hardware model for solar powered hydroponics cultivation in real-time measurements.

Keywords: Agriculture, Humidity Sensor, Hydroponics, Plant Cultivation, Pumping Systems, Smart Monitoring, Solar Power.

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