• U.Gokul Dr. Arasu Sivagami


Land slide is one of the major natural disasters in hill areas. It occurs when land slope can’t carry its
weight. This land slide disaster will occur in various ways. It may be a fall, slide or flow. The speed of the
land slide occurs in a fast manner. The severe damage level of the land slide computed based upon
affected area and number of peoples. But using current technology methods the people can able to take
action prior for land slide. Land slide is affecting our environment condition directly or indirectly. The
weight of the affecting substances can demolish the properties with the path and many people’s loss their
lives also. This paper proposed a new system to detect the land slide in earlier stage. This new system is
constructed with various sensors. They are fit on frequently affected areas. The administrator
continuously monitors the sensed values. The sensed values are compared with normal values. If there is
any change in the currently sensed values the administrators immediately send the message to the
common people and government authorities. Various sensors are controlled with the help of Arduino

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