Mobile Controlled Land Mine Detecting Robot with Message Alert

  • K.Srinivasulu1, Dr.Kirupa ganapathy2


This project is mainly used for finding metal elements. In army for detecting the land mines
the soldiers use handled metal detector so that sometimes the land mine was explode. That way the
soldiers are died. For solving this problem, this project is used .This project have advanced alert system
that is message alert. This is designed by using ‘Arduino’ technology. In this project the metal detector
is connected to Arduino board, the hole circuit is placed on one robot car. This car is controlled by
Bluetooth by using radio technology with Bluetooth module. When the metal detector detects the metal
the Arduino send message to mobile by using GSM module. This project obtains only one Arduino board
because all three application programs are merged in only one board. Using this project find valuable
treasures at under land and covered areas and also detects the land mines at unmanned areas. This
project also used for security purposes.

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