Experience of Architecture

  • Ar. Kabir Fatema, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Dr. Naresh Garg, Ar. Jayshree Deshpande


Ever since Freudian space; Experience of Architecture has been a point of discussion. With
Phenomenology and especially with Ponty; experiential analysis of Architecture began to be
philosophically explored. With Neuroarchitecture there came a breakthrough in the analysis of
Architectural experience. Simultaneously many theorists continued to explore the characters that
played a role in the experience of architecture. These characters continue to be refined; this paper
attempts at understanding the important characters that play a role in the experience of Architecture.
Subject (User) and Object (Space) are the most important of characters. Space is further subdivided
and explained in the paper. For an experience most vital is interaction between the Space and its User;
which is called as Dialogue; Ideas of Dialogue leading to an experience are also elaborated here. The
paper concludes with an inter-relationship diagram between the characters of Architectural experience
that can lead into the Experiential Analysis of Architecture; which is the next stage of this research.

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