• M.Bhanu chandu, Dr. Kirupa Ganapathy


Individual mechanized associates help lessening the manual undertakings being put by the individuals
in their ordinary tasks. The human voice bearings are given to the human mechanized partner remotely,
by using a voice request of customer. The robot can perform different improvements, turns, start/stop
exercises and move an article beginning with one spot then onto the following and offering things to
the developed people in the home. The voice headings are taken care of, using a propelled cell phone.
The individual human right hand robot is made for a littler scope controller based stage and can think
about its present zone. The practicality of the voice control passed on over a detachment is evaluated
through various assessments. Execution is finished with results of the basic examinations. Potential
upgrades are in like manner discussed towards potential applications in home, clinical facilities and
adventures and compound labs.

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