• Ch. Sreenadh, Dr.Arasu sivagami


Down syndrome (DS) is one of the genetic disorders. The other name of DS is trisomy 21. Actually each
chromosome in the human body has two copies. The reason of DS disease is the occurrence of third copy
chromosome 21 in the human body. This particular disease affected peoples have various physical and
mental challenges in their entire life. The specific peoples need individual care and concentration to
achieve their capability. This disease can attack the people’s cognitive attitude and growth level. It leads
to low level to high level risk of health related problems. Various tests and screening methods are used to
find the DS disease previous birth or after birth. This paper describes about new kit for providing
assistance to the affected people. Mike is used to capture the speech from the patients. The controller
processes the abnormal speech and converts into normal speech. This is developed with the help of
Arudino controller and GSM technologies and various sensors. Real time electronic projects are
developed with the help of Arudino Controller. By using the system the caretakers easily identify the
speech of the disease affected people and easy to identify if they are in critical condition with the help of
sensors. In this device sound detector sensor plays a major role. This sensor is used to detect the
abnormal condition of the patients.

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