Implimentation of Automatic Fire Extinguisher Robot

  • G. Dileep Kumar, Dr. I. Chandra


Putting out fires is a significant yet risky occupation. A fireman must have the option to arrive at the circumstance rapidly and securely douse the fire, forestalling further harm and decrease fatalities. Innovation has acted the hero this issue, firemen and machines are currently having progressively productive and successful technique for firefighting. This paper gives you the plan thought of firefighting robot utilizing self-ruling activity. The automated vehicle is fitted with a fire quencher and a water siphon that is worked to toss water through the solenoid valve. An Arduino UNO is utilized for the ideal activity as a smaller scale controller. A water tank and fire douser framework together with water siphon is mounted on the body of the robot and its activity is performed from the yield of the smaller scale controller by methods for the sensor signal. An Arduino UNO small scale controller controls the entire procedure.

Keywords: Arduino UNO, Fire sensor, Extinguisher, Fire battling robot, Micro controller.

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