Identification and Recognition of Human Face using Machine Learning

  • J.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Mrs R.Priyanka


In this modern world doors are opened in anywhere by human beings, security code, pattern matching technique or password mechanism.   But the above mentioned techniques are easily hacked by any one.  In door unlocking system facial recognition technique is used means it is very difficult to broken by unknown persons because the entire human face is used. Human face consists of very complex system, so it takes lot of time to store the created procedure. In this paper proposed a new Door Access Control Security System Using Facial Recognition. In this new model the well known human faces are trained and stored in the local system database.  The webcam is used take the photo in real time.  The current pictures are compared with an existing stored database images. The current image matched with an existing im age the door will be opened otherwise it is closed. If any persons are identified as an unknown person this system produce an alarm sound immediately and send the multimedia message to the stored contact numbers using GSM module.  This system is integrated with processor server system. This micro controller is used to cover the video and open the door using door lock motor.

Keywords: Facial Recognition, Internet Of Things(Iot) Image Matching Sensor System, Digital Camera, Person Identification

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