Data Analytics Used in Boosting the Retail Business

  • Sunil Bhutada, Abhishek Jha, V. Saravana Kumar


The early way of decision-making ability based on sales history and executive experiences are now inadequate in a highly competitive retail business. Analytics is extremely important for businesses in their retail industry. Today’s successful retail leaders in the globe know the demands in the retail sector based on customer sentiments which helps them to support their business decisions. The sentiments of customer that helps retail businesses can increase their brand value and improve in the competitive world. The machine learning and optimization algorithms play an important role that retailers can look for and exploit similar things that give association among data items. The various types of ML algorithms can be trained and tested using historic data.In this paper, we apply machine learning algorithm in Instacart grocery items dataset to identify the purchasing behaviour of the customers in the retail business and provide all the informationwith the help of web application.

Keywords: Customer purchasing behaviour, Instacart, ml, K-means Clustering, DBSCAN Clustering, Word to Vector, Apriori Algorithm.

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