Civil Security Model Based on Control of Public Facilities

  • Umesh Kumar Pandey, Dr. Snehlata Barde


In all cities of our Country have running various services that which is public or private.  These services are based may be locally or globally. Now day all services are running IT based systems. In these all services and applications are must be person identification. For these purpose at this time all services will have been linking in new identification system, which know “Aadhar” identifications system. Person identification is a necessary application implemented in government sector and private organization such as attendance record system, traffic and toll monitoring system and AADHAR card. Biometrics system provides these facilities for person identification and verification. The biometrics give the best solution to improve security using combination of two or more biometrics is knows as multimodal biometric which helps to remove all the limitations of single biometric [8]. In this paper we proposed Biometric based cloud system for person searching. For this purpose i will have been discuss a way to trap accused persons to improve security threats against crime. Also we propose a cloud based system for trapping suspected persons [1].

Keywords: “Aadhar” Identification, Security System, Cloud Computing System, Controlled Services.

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