From Engineering to Programming: Smart Multi-Agent Application Using ARL

  • Salaheddin J. Juneidi


Embedding smart agents in computer software has introduced as a new trend of computing paradigm, which defined as inserting smart entities in software system or robotic machines, this modern trend of computing has called for new approaches in both software engineering and programming Techniques. Unlike Object Oriented programing (OOP), which well-defined and consistent, A genetic Agent Oriented Programming (AOP) language is not fully defined or organized. Form the other hand , since two decades overwhelming Agent  Oriented  Softwire Engineering methods and methodologies has been proposed, but unfortunately , non of them has never been reached into a real applicable software solution, as a matter of fact, agent programming is the implementation of agent engineering,   this article will tackle the application view over agent oriented software system,  (Agent Role Locking) ARL theory is used to design and implement agents in software system, on the other hand using Java threads to implement agents. The main aim is to show innovative incorporation relationship between engineering methodologies and programming application in Smart Agent Orientated Technology.

 Keywords: Agent Role Locking Theory (ARL), Java Threads, Agent class, Role Class. Agent-Oriented Programming AOP.

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