Enhanced Smart Security System Using Biometric Recognition

  • Kayam Eekshitha, Bhuvaneswari Balachander


Security has become a serious concern in day todays life, playing a vital role in various electronic gadgets including mobile phones. A number of methods have been proposed already like password, PIN (personal identification number) etc. The usage of biometrics has come into existence recently. Different types of biometrics include fingerprint, hand and biometry geometry, signature, voice etc. This paper focuses on the advantages of multi biometric recognition system. Multiple Biometric recognition system has received huge appreciation regarding authentication purposes as it provides enhanced security since different sources are combined together. But the right modality should be chosen properly such that it possess better security compared to other security systems. Finger vein based biometric recognition has played an vital role since it prevents the impostor to match the data. Along with this face recognition and iris scanning are also used for recognition purposes. This uses image processing and ensure that it does not authenticate any fake user. It also prevents from the non-spoofing attacks. The proposed method deals with finger vein, iris and face recognition.  This method increases the accuracy and reliability of the system and will present to be more secure than the previously available methods.

Keywords: Multi Biometric Recognition, Biometrics, iris, finger vein, face recognition.

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