Advancement in Indian Voting System

  • K.Hari Kiran, M.Hemanth Varma, Chirag Pattanaik, Ms.C.Lekha


India is a vast country with more than 1.5 billion people. Voting is a Constitutional and fundamental right to each and every citizen above 18 years in India. Rigging of votes is the most common problem faced in  the current voting system. We use the Electronic Voting Machines(EVM’S) which are banned in many countries like Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, etc. The work demonstrates  the Improvements that can be made to the current authentication system by cross checking the biometrics which are linked to Aadhar card and how the EVM’s can be replaced by the computer based electronic voting systems and bring advancements to the existing voting system.

 Keywords: Electronic Voting Machine(EVM), Rigging, Constitution, India.

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