Identification of Minimum Support Price using Linear and Logistic Regression

  • Rishi Agrawal


Machine learning is an interesting field and used to solve many real world problems. From India’s perspective, one of the crucial issues with a deep social and economic impact is farmers’ suicides. India is mainly dependent on agriculture and local produce for consumption and farming accounts for a considerable share in the GDP of the country. Machine learning will help in reducing that problem using the real data set and will help in taking decision. In Crop Selection, we train our machine with the many datasets of previous years and classify result by soil classification and crop classification. For identification of Minimum Support Price of the particular crop, Linear and Logistic Regression techniques are used. The Proposed method predict the prices of the particular crop with the help of previous year’s price record of the crops. It also contributes to select the crops, which are suitable for market conditions

Keywords: Minimum Support Price, Crop, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression.

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