A Study on Stress Management among Sales Women in Textile Industry

  • Ramya. P, Dr.Ashifa KM


The way of tackling different situations is different for all. Some people cope up and get indulged in the
situation. Some people cannot do so, and thus they feel stressed. Stress has become part and parcel of
today's lifestyle in this modern world. When an individual gets into an unusual situation, it becomes stress.
The people working mainly in the sales sector are stressed due to various factors like the job, targets, job
security, working hours, salary, peer pressure, and working conditions[2]. Hence the individual is
expected to stay at par with the stress level by adhering to stress Management strategies. In this study,
the researcher has undertaken this study to analyze the level of stress among saleswomen in textile
industries in the Rajapalayam Municipal area, Tamil Nadu, and coping strategies to enhance capabilities
and capacities for managing stress by themselves. Through this study, the researcher analyzes the causes,
effects, and how peop

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