Power Quality Improvement Using DSTATCOM with Vigorous Controllers

  • K.Swetha, V. Sivachidambaranathan


Here paper explains major power quality issues like total harmonic distortion. THD can be
compensated by using custom power devices, FACTS devices are used to enhance the power transfer
capability here focus mainly on DSTATCOM, it is joined perpendicularly at point of common
coupling having sequence of inverter and filter circuit, inverter requires triggering pulses to turn on
the device. Triggering pulses can be given by using convectional controller(PI) and proposed one
(SOSMC).This (sosmc) controller injects currents to grid with low THD and it is a robust controller
for frequent changes in parameter variations. In this paper describes about THDs of two controllers
by changing different load values. This study demonstrated by using MATLAB/Simulink .

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