Preventing Food Wastage using Mobile Application

  • R.A. Karthika, P.Sriramya


According to various sources, the world is wasting 25 to 40 percent of food products. We still don't see something: food wasted by restaurants, shops, or industries. We can also see something: food wasted on our own. This is the community's range focus, by managing catering firms waste products. Now a day’s individuals are aware of the importance of food but there is no platform to share information about the excess of food available in the particular restaurants, shops and even in our homes for non-profitable organizations to offer food to the needy. We propose an android application in which the registered user can post the extra available food in their community for other users to come and get used of it by taking the extra food to the people in need.  

 Keywords: Android application, wastage, food, Location based.

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