Plagiarism Detection Using Manber and Winnowing Algorithm

  • Muhammad Faisal et al.


Plagiarism is a copy of the essay or opinion of others and does not list the written references, and
makes it his own essay or opinion. There are several algorithms that have the ability to detect
plagiarism of documents such as Jaro-Winkler algorithm, winnowing, Manber and others. In this
study, research conducted on Mamber and Winnowing algorithms in detecting plagiarism. The
Manber algorithm is an algorithm that uses K-grams but does not use the formation of a window
while the winnowing algorithm is an algorithm that uses the K-grams approach in shaping the
fingerprint pool. The app divides the documents into Biword and Triword tokens. These tokens are
converted to MD5 value, the tokens have a hash value that has the same length and can be used as a
document fingerprint. The Biword and Triword approaches are implanted in the winnowing
algorithm, while the Biword is for Manber algorithms. This algorithm can check the phrase of each
document, then saved in to an array. At the time of displaying the document will be obtained the same
value long, the algorithm is able to display the value of arrays that form a Biword token as a

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