n-Dimensional Multi-Linear Transformation (nD-MLT) : Non Linear DynamicsApplication to Cryptography

  • Prajwalasimha S N


In this article, n-dimensional chaotic transformation technique is introducedto multimedia encryption/decryption processes. The cryptographic algorithm is composed of three stages per round: Transformation, Key permutation and Substitution. Secrete key of length 256 bits is used. The host image and S-box are exposedfor Multi linear transformation (MLT). The transformed images of both host and S-box are subjected for logical operation and substitution using another S-box created by secret keys. The vulnerability of cipher images is examined by subjecting them for different statistical and analytical security tests. The results obtained from the proposed algorithm proves high degree of security compared to other existing methods.

Keywords: n-Dimensional Multi Linear Transformation (nD-MLT), Cryptography, Cipher image, Transformation, Substitution

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