• Dilbar Dadajanova, Shoira Khayitmuradova, Ziyoda Muratkhodjaeva, Makhbuba Kuvondikova


The article analyzes the importance of using innovative methods in teaching process. With the progress of technology and society, the education system all over the world is also developing. The teaching methods and strategies are changing day by day. Today, the teachers try to evaluate the way of teaching, especially in teaching foreign languages. As innovative technology is one of the main criteria in improving students' language learning, multimedia teaching has extensive used in teaching. The application of learning methods and innovative teaching is critical if we support learners  and engender a spirit of learning as well as enthusiasm on students.The method encourages the students for relevant knowledge rather than the lecturer monopolizing the transmission of information to the learners. As such, research evidence on teaching approaches maintains that this teaching method is effective in improving students’ academic performance. [2]

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Dilbar Dadajanova, Shoira Khayitmuradova, Ziyoda Muratkhodjaeva, Makhbuba Kuvondikova. (2020). MODERN INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 1738 - 1745. Retrieved from