Script-based Simple Programming Toolkit for Open Source Hardware


  • Young-Joon Kim, Se-Jun Park, Yong-Ho Seo


Arduino is a popular open source hardware toolkit for science and engineeringeducation due to its easy use and various good examples. But, students or beginners whohave no experience and knowledge of electronic engineering or programming languagesstill feel a considerable barrier to use Arduino. This study analyzes the barrier ofbeginners in using the open source hardware. In order to resolve the difficulty infirmware programming, we adopt a functional concise script composed of simplifiedservice commands and minimum options to use the open hardware and proposes a newscript-based open source hardware programming environment. From the comparisonresult with previous development toolkit, we confirm that the programming by theproposed script-based simple programming toolkit is substantially simple by adoptingsimple script and automatic generations of irrelevant instructions, type declarations andsemicolons in programming the open source hardware of Arduino.