Automatic Code Generation for Web Services Composition Based on a Formal Specification


  • Meftah Mohammed Charaf Eddine, Kazar Okba


The web service oriented architecture (WSOA) design the software as services anduses the services as platforms. The orchestration of the services describes how Webservices can interact with each other in an operational perspective, with controlstructures, including the order execution interactions. Many languages allow expressingexecutable processes to implementing Web services orchestration. These languages areused to describe how interactions between multiple services are coordinated to achieve agoal. However, the operational semantics of each of the structures of these languages isnot formally defined and their limitations to the reasoning and verification of Webservices compositions. This approach involves the automatic code generation for webservices composition from formal specifications. We described the application usinggraphical notations (UML). Next, B automatic process of refinement can be applied tobuild a web services composition that satisfies the purpose of the web application. Due tothe generic nature of the refinement rules, an automatic code generation tool (UML-BBPEL4SW)can be achieved, thereby reducing the cost of the development. A case studyimplementation of the proposed approach is developed using B tools.