Mathematical Model and Algorithms for some Type of Concurrency Control Problems in Database Applications


  • Moukouop Nguena Ibrahim, Ngassa Kaam Cedric


Despite the extensive literature describing mechanisms of transactions managementand concurrencies, it seems difficult for developers to apply these concepts. We analysedmany open source application and we observed that the algorithms used to tackle some ofthese problems do not apply to concurrencies. These applications are used to treatbusiness processes in many organisations, consequently, aforementioned issues lead todisastrous results and huge losses. It is difficult to find existing literature on algorithmaddressing some classical problems of data management related applications, andmathematical models formalizing these problems at high level of abstraction. This articlepresents a general mathematical model to solve a group of database application relatedproblems, which are designated as account management problems thereafter. It alsopresents general solutions to aforementioned problems, based on an appropriatecombination of transaction isolation levels and update modes used for resolving. Theproof of correctness of the algorithm and a performance analysis are done under somereasonable assumptions. The proposed solution is validated through some simulationsand real implementation on number of projects.