Survey of the Bug Localisation Techniques


  • Kavya Shree N S, Pushpalatha M N


Bug localisation is the integral part of software testing and maintenance. Many bugreports are generated during the evolution of software system. The developers mustconsider the bug reports from various bug tracking systems like Bugzilla, Jira etc. andidentify the parts of the source code that contains concerns. It will be a complex task forthe developers to identify the source code causing the trouble and it is also time consuming.Many automated bug localisation techniques have been identified in recent years tosmoothen the process of bug localisation. There are various static, dynamic, InformationRetrieval and hybrid bug localisation techniques. These techniques mainly rely on thesimilarity between the bug report and the source code. The existing techniques alsoconsiders, source code structure, previous bug reports, version histories to improve theefficiency of the bug localisation. This paper aims to provide the short survey on variousbug localisation techniques and compares various pros and cons of those techniques. Thispaper presents and classifies survey of 25 research papers in area of software buglocalisation.