The Butterfly Algorithm: A Contradiction Solving Algorithm based on Propositional Logic for TRIZ


  • Jung Suk Hyun, Chan Jung Park


Among creative and innovative problem solving algorithms, TRIZ solves difficultproblems by finding contradictions of the problems. In TRIZ, there are two types ofcontradictions. One is a technical contradiction and the other is physial contradiction. Atechnical contradiction occurs between two desirable functions of a system. We call it atrade-off contradiction. On the other hand, a physical contradiction appears when twoopposite properties are required from the same part of a system. In TRIZ, the ARIZ hasbeen developed by Altshuller for reducing trial-and-error while solving problems. It isknown as an inventive problem solving. It transforms difficult technical contradictions ofa given problem into the corresponding physical contradiction to solve the problemeasily. However, ARIZ-85c, the most recent version of the ARIZ, has inefficient and timeconsumingfeatures that cause trial-and-errors. In this paper, we propose the Butterflyalgorithm based on the Butterfly diagram to reduce trial-and-error features by giving theright solution strategy based on propositional logic when selecting technicalcontradictions and physical contradictions for a given problem. The Butterfly algorithmcan systematically find the solution strategy for the problem, and thus it helps to solvecontradictions efficiently.