A Review on Bug Report Assignment


  • Monika, Nishi


Nowadays, the software quality becomes an increasingly important issue. A hugenumber of bug reports by developers and users are received in bug tracking systems.Dealing with these bug reports in a manual way consumes time, resources and efforts.Numerous studies have been conducted using various techniques for the assignment ofbug reports like information retrieval, classification, and clustering before classificationthat can overcome incorrect assignment. We review the bug assignment process becauseof their significance and popularity in an organized way. This paper provides a study forthe bug reports to inspire the necessity for the work on bug report assignment and theexisting work that has been performed on bug report assignment with possible problemsthat arises while working with bug assignment are summarized. Also, the practicalanalysis using various machine learning algorithm has been performed on the basis of anumber of attributes and number of classes on Eclipse project containing 10,000 bugreports.