Interaction-Oriented Hybrid Model for Component-Based System


  • Shuchi Juyal Bhadula, Saurabh Rawat, Amal Shankar Shukla


The aim of Software Engineering is to deliver the best software system to the customer within the given budget and time frame. Similarly, the main aim of Component- Based Software Engineering is to deliver quality software product within the specified budget and time and to follow the assembling and integration as a base rather than following the traditional activities which starts from the scratch. It’s a well-known fact that the quality of Component- Based product solely depends on the selection of development process along with the proper integration and testing. In this process the most complicated task is to identify the development process that best contributes towards the development of the expected product as per the need of the customer. One important factor that facilitate in logical selection of best suited development process is the targeted audience. As a major contribution, here the research proposes a novel life cycle process model named as “Interaction- Oriented Hybrid Model” that focuses not only on the customized processes but also on fulfilling the recent requirements of the market. A new phenomenon with a dynamic requirement document is proposed which incorporates the changing demands of the market by adding flexibility to requirement specifications.